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Take a Mandala Break

October 10, 2013 1 Comment

MANDALA BOOK CARDTake a visual excursion, a step out of the ordinary and into a moment of visual and mental peace.

Gaze into a mandala. Historically, mandalas are used for focusing attention and as an aid to meditation.

Jon Davis’ mandalas are beautiful works of art that draw you in with their intricate organic patterns and intriguing designs. They are alluring and calming.

Look at them with soft eyes, gazing rather than staring, allowing your mind to relax and be led by the patterns and images that emerge, rather than trying to grasp at and make sense of what you’re seeing. And if you let your eyes soften and your gaze relax and you breathe and stay with the gazing, this image will unfold layers behind layers. It may even seem to move or vibrate. It’s such a lovely way to let your system slow down, re-organize, and relax.

Relax the trying. Relax the defining. Relax the knowing. And go on a visual journey into a calm place. The mandala is a doorway.

You can try this with the image on this page, but if you really want to have the full experience, nothing beats being in the room, face to face with the art itself. There’s an exhibit of Jon Davis’ mandalas at the Hammond Museum in North Salem, NY through mid-November. If you want to check it out, you can click HERE.

Even better to have one in your home or your office where you can turn from the computer and have a journey. Enjoy.



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About the Author:

Naaz HosseiniNaaz Hosseini is a communication coach and voice empowerment coach. She developed Powerful Presence™ coaching to help corporate and entrepreneurial women step into their vocal power to command the attention and respect they deserve. As a NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst and Qualified Gestalt Therapist, she supervises and trains mental health counselors at Teachers College Columbia University and therapists at the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training. She served as visiting faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Project Zero Summer Institute for ten years where Howard Gardner has said, "With enthusiasm, I recommend Naaz Hosseini, a pioneer in using the voice and the body for understanding."

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