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Interdimensional Sonic Sound Meditation 7/7

Interdimensional Sonic Sound MeditationInterdimensional Sonic Sound Meditation with Music of the Plants…

When Peter Blum and Naaz Hosseini first started performing their unique sonic meditation events almost 20 years ago, the concept along with terms like “sound bath”, “gong bath”, or “singing bowl bath” was not well known. Now, it has become a fairly popular activity for the spiritual, or new age community. Over the past decade, Peter and Naaz’s sound baths have included a number of stellar musicians. Using the names “Soundshifter” or “Pulse Field”, this group has performed at numerous yoga studios, yurts, churches, and healing centers.

On Friday, July 7, starting at 7 p.m., the quartet of Peter, Naaz, Steve Gorn, and Evry Mann will be collaborating with Stable Gate Dharma Collective at Stable Gate Farm and Winery in Castleton-on-Hudson.

We will have an extra special treat. At some point before, during, or after we bathe you with sound, we will be listening to the plants sing with Dror B. Ashuah.

Music of the plants is a form of expression, beauty and artistry like no other. Using a device made just for the plant world with a patented technology created by Damanhur community that transforms the biorhythm (electromagnetic potential) of the plants and trees into a musical performance to listen to and interact with.

This event will be held in the Lodge on site and as always will probably end with a fire pit and drum circle outside afterwards.

The intention of our sound healing performances is to create a “sonic bath” or “field of sacred sound”’. Participants are encouraged to experience a “horizontal concert” lying on blankets or yoga mats and allow the other-worldly sounds to guide them into deep contemplative states suitable for healing and visions.

This post 2012 version of the sound bath has evolved and draws from diverse influences, including the free jazz improvisations of the 60’s, experimental and “new” music of the 70’s, and the emergence of “world music” in the 80’s and 90’s, along with global traditions of sonic meditations. The sounds that emerge are always fresh and spontaneous – responding to the vibrations of the audience, as well as the acoustics and feng shui of the specific performance space.

“We stand at a very interesting point in history,” says Peter. “We are at the seam where the ʻmagicʼ of shamans and healers of ancient cultures and wisdom traditions is being joined with the latest discoveries in ʻscienceʼ. Throughout history, traditional healers and visionaries from all indigenous people have used vibrations – specifically the audible vibrations of sound and music, to summon spirit and facilitate healing and guidance.”

There is a $25 suggested donation. For more information, or to pre-register, call (518) 265-5133 or go to the Stable Gate Farm Facebook page.

The address is 10 Linda Way in Castleton, NY 12033. Castleton is approximately 15 minutes east of Albany.


Dror Ashuah is an internationally inspirational speaker, intuitive, channel and author of 3 books of messages on spiritual awakening he has received from the Angelic realm in preparation for an unprecedented time of global change. His extensive worldwide mystical travels brought him to Damanhur in Italy from where he brought back the device that allows us to hear the plants sing.

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Blum creates a sonic field using large gongs, bells, cymbals, tuning forks, and his extensive collection of over 30 Himalayan singing bowls. Peter has studied music and sound healing with Dr. Karl Berger, Ustad Jamaluddin Bhartiya, Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael), Pauline Oliveros, Fabian Mamman, John Beaulieu, and Don Conreaux. He has given workshops and soundhealing concerts at Omega Institute, Abode of the Message, The Cragsmoor Stone Church, The Intʼl Hypnosis Federation, The Graduate Institute, and most recently performed with Naaz Hosseini in 2016 at the United Nations.

Naaz Hosseini is a master vocalist, violinist, dancer, voice empowerment coach, and psychotherapist. As a multi-disciplinary performer she has appeared world-wide with the Meredith Monk Vocal Ensemble, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, and the Laura Dean Dancers and Musicians at venues including Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Tokyo University, Walker Art Center, and the Steirischer Herbst Festival. As composer/performer, she collaborated with Pilobolus Dance Company, the National Theatre of the Deaf, and Bridgman/Packer Dance. In her Powerful Presence workshops, Naaz helps individuals reclaim the power of their voice for whole-hearted speaking, singing, and being.

Steve Gorn is recognized as one of the few westerners to have mastered the North Indian bansurai flute. He performs on flute and clarinet. Steve’s bansurai flute is featured on the 2011 Grammy-winning recording “Mino – Journey to the Mountain,” with the Paul Winter Consort, and the Academy Award winning Documentary film, “Born into Brothels”. His unique blend of Indian music and contemporary world music can be heard on recordings with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Tony Levin, Paul Simon, Glen Velez, Jack DeJohnette, Richie Havens, Deepak Chopra, and many others.

Evry Mann is a percussionist, composer and writer. He has played with Don Cherry, Ana Ruiz, Henry West, Tiny Desk Unit, Gasha Band, Bantu, Chakra City and OmU in a professional career that began in 1975. He founded and directs POOK, the Percussion Orchestra of Kingston and has been performing with David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir since 1993. Ev is the founder and executive director of the Center for Creative Education in Kingston, NY, a non-profit that provides arts education programs for children and youth ( and MaMA, a cultural center in Stone Ridge, NY ( Ev holds masters degrees in religious studies from McGill University and in music composition from Mills College.


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