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SoundBath in South Westerlo 10/22

SoundBath graphic with Naaz Hosseini and Peter Blum

Photograph By Myles Aronowitz

Please join us for a very special evening of transcendental sound featuring Peter Blum on Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, bells, cymbals, flutes, & drums; Master vocalist, violinist and soundshifter Naaz Hosseini.

Tickets at the door

Information & Reservations: (518) 966-5833

Peter and Naaz have been working together, presenting musical meditation events since 2000.

Music has been used as transformational ritual in practically every culture to attune to solstices, equinoxes, and phases of the moon. In this “horizontal concert” of improvised sound and music, it is the intention of the musicians and listeners to create a sacred space. No two sound baths are alike as the music is improvised (some say “channeled”) in response to the mood, time of day, season, weather, etc. Participants are invited to lie on yoga mats or blankets in the center of the room, surrounded on all sides by sound-generating stations set up along the perimeters. There is total immersion in a constantly changing vibration field, allowing participants to receive visions, healing, and guidance from within and without. It is a ”sacred” soundbath because for us this is akin to universal prayer with our instruments.


SoundBath with Naaz Hosseini and Peter Blum

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