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Winter Solstice SoundBath 12/17

Naaz and Peter, you have taken it up several levels…..the range of your sounds/gestures/ being in sync with each other….really fabulous!!! The way you were shifting the energies…the realms you were playing with…..the two of you really were one….it was such a joy!!!!

— Susan Murphy, Musician, Answer the Muse

Peter Blum and Naaz Hosseini have been creating magical sonic events for years in yoga studios, yurts, churches, art galleries, and most recently, the United Nations. Peter will bring his collection 35+ Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, tingshas, drums, percussion, etc., and Naaz will perform on vocals, violin, and movement sculpture to provide a dream-like environment for participants to experience healing, guidance and pleasure.
The solstice is honored as a time of turning inward – the light will grow from this point on. This “horizontal concert” is a transportive musical experience where you can lie down, close your eyes, and drift into your own imagery and contemplation. Each SoundBath event is fresh – an exploration through vibration to synchronize heart and mind.

$25 exchange: or 845 679 5650

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