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Voice and the Change Process 10/16

Presenter: Naaz Hosseini, LP

The New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy presents this interactive talk, open to the public: “Voice and the Change Process”.

Voice is the sound of breath vibrating. Without breath, there is no voice. Its flexibility and resonance reflect our state of being, both habitual and fleeting.

As an integral part of our interactions with others, it is a constant in our clinical work. If we are not attuned to our clients’ voices, we can miss important cues. If we are not aware of our own voices as therapists, we can undermine our intentions.

In this presentation we will examine voice as a phenomenon – how it works acoustically, emotionally, and energetically to reveal what is hidden behind words and to open possibilities for experimentation. Through didactic and experiential exercises, we will explore the relationship of voice to creative adjustments, interruptions, fixed gestalts, and contact boundaries.

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Ever wish you were more comfortable and confident using your voice?

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Naaz Hosseini is a NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst, Qualified Gestalt Therapist, Internal Family Systems Therapist, and Voice Empowerment Coach. She serves as faculty and supervisor at the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training with a private practice in Nyack, NY, specializing in anxiety, creativity, voice empowerment, communication, and relationships.  She offers PowerfulPresence® Coaching to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and every day humans own their voices and communicate with confidence, clarity, and ease. Naaz can be reached at (646) 504-3039 or Web:

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