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What People Are Saying

“Naaz is an extremely talented professional. She understands people on many levels including their Real life business needs, their emotional blocks as well as their body and voice blocks to a fuller more confident presence in general and particularly speaking and presenting to larger audiences.

Using her unique sensitivity to all these aspects of me she has helped me create a clear coherent message, become more confident in speaking to an audience, and project my voice. Naaz helped me find my voice, trust it and share it with others in the most loving, warm, playful and supportive way.”

— Yael Bacharach. Psychotherapist, coach, trainer and Executive Director of Bacharach Leadership Group Inc.

“Thank you for the great information you shared at your Elevate Your Elevator Speech™ workshop. The evening actually felt more like an evening with friends and the education, while informative and focused came across as a night of fun. My only regret is that I didn’t learn these coaching points sooner.”

— Tony Montalbano, CH, RM, Owner, Horizon Wellness & Hypnosis

“Wow! Your take-this-moment meditation pulled me immediately into full presence. Your voice is like magic.”

— Susan Cooper, Attorney

I lacked confidence in my public speaking ability and felt that my voice did not project enough. I also felt that when I did speak publicly my message was not being heard. I had a presentation coming up and I wanted to learn how to bring the audience in to what I was saying.

It was a lot of fun working with Naaz and after one session and her Elevate Your Elevator Speech™ class, I felt more confident in my speaking, I learned how to have my voice resonate from deeper in my body, and I got to feel grounded while I was speaking.

I did a luncheon presentation and I have never felt so comfortable speaking to a group. I received several compliments too. I owe this all to having done my work with Naaz. Best money I ever spent!”

I believe if you are a confident speaker, it will only lead to a more successful outcome. I absolutely recommend Naaz. She can help others get the results they want.

— Leslie Barrick, Green Scene Company,